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A little about me...

I feel so lucky to wake up every day and love what I do...yep, that's right...I absolutely love my job! My parents always encouraged me to follow my dreams and continue to learn and grow along the way and that's what I have done and hope to continue to do! After all, it's true what they can't control the outcome, but you will always have control over the journey you take to get there.

My journey has taken me through all kinds of career paths, but I have always had a passion for art and photography. To be able to now say that I have found (or it found me!) my place is a wonderful feeling...I am 'home'.

What I love about photography is that it freezes a moment, a thought, a laugh, or a stage in our life. It allows us to tap into those parts of our memories that may sometimes have otherwise been lost. I remember sifting through endless photos in old shoe boxes and files

I have an obsession with white chocolate!